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Noise reduction category

The function of noise reduction is very important for earphones. One is to reduce noise and avoid excessive volume amplification, so as to reduce the damage to ears.  Anthother is to filter the noise so as to improve the sound quality and call quality.

Noise reduction can be divided into passive noise reduction and active noise reduction.
Passive noise reduction
Passive noise reduction refers to the use of physical characteristics to isolate the external noise from the ear, mainly through the tight design of the head beam of the headset, the acoustic optimization of the cavity of the earmuff, and the placement of sound-absorbing materials inside the earmuff. And so on to achieve the physical sound insulation of headphones. Passive noise reduction is very effective in isolating high-frequency sound (such as human voice), which can reduce the noise by about 15-20db.

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Active noise reduction
It's ANC, CVC, ENC, DSP and other noise reduction technologies that businesses will focus on promoting the noise reduction function of earphones. What are the principles and functions of these four noise reduction technologies?

ANC noise reduction
The working principle of ANC (active noise control) is that the microphone collects the external environmental noise, and then the system transforms it into an inverse sound wave and adds it to the speaker end. Finally, the sound heard by the human ear is: environmental noise + inverse environmental noise, and the two kinds of noise are superimposed to achieve sensory noise reduction. The beneficiary is himself.

CVC noise reduction
CVC (clear voice capture) is a noise reduction technology of call software. Mainly for the echo generated during the call. Through microphone de-noising software, it can eliminate the echo and environment noise.

ENC noise reduction
Enc (environmental noise cancellation) can effectively suppress 90% of the negative environmental noise, so as to reduce the environmental noise up to 35dB. Through the dual microphone array, the speaker's speaking direction can be accurately calculated, which can protect the target voice in the main direction and remove all kinds of interference noise in the environment. So that ordinary users can call more HD. At the same time, game players can communicate with their teammates more clearly, defeat their opponents and win the game.

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DSP noise reduction

DSP (digital signal processing) is mainly for high and low frequency noise. The working principle is that the microphone collects the external environment noise, and then the system copies a negative sound wave equal to the external environment noise to cancel the noise, so as to achieve better noise reduction effect. The principle of DSP noise reduction is similar to ANC noise reduction. However, the forward and negative noise of DSP directly neutralize and cancel each other in the system.

The main beneficiaries of ANC (active noise control) and DSP Technology (eliminating external noise) are headphone users themselves, and they prefer to listen to music scenes. While ENC(environmental noise cancellation) and CVC (echo cancellation) mainly benefit the other party of the call and prefer to the scene of the call.

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